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Augusta Breweries

The leaves are changing colors, and that means that brewmasters across town are changing the kegs behind the bar. As the days get shorter and the weather starts to cool off, you are going to have plenty of time to sample some of the finest beers in the state. You might even see one or two of our real estate agents tipping a glass to celebrate a new home purchase with our clients.

  • The Liberal Cup Public House & Brewery - 115 Water St, Hallowell, ME 04347
    The Liberal Cup Public House & Brewery is ideal for those nights when you want to enjoy a dash of British flavor and a touch of ole' world humor. The ambiance is what you would find on the other side of the pond. It is a fantastic place to enjoy a family outing or indulge in frivolity with your closest friends. When folks buy Hallowell homes for sale, this is often the first place they choose to celebrate their purchase.

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Home Improvement for Selling your Home

Many of our clients looking at Augusta homes for sale are in the process of selling their own home. The sooner you start readying your home for sale, the better – and one of the biggest reasons why is because of the potential to raise your selling price.

Our real estate agents always stay savvy to the latest real estate trends, including the best way to renovate a home for sale. With a few targeted upgrades, you could more than make up your investment. 

Let's look at some of the best ways to enhance the value of your home for sale:

  1. Minor Bathroom Remodel
    Trends come and go, but a small-scale bathroom remodel consistently provides the best possible returns of all home updates. To make it work, replace the tub and its surrounding tiles, the floor, toilet, sink, vanity, and the fixtures. If that's outside your budget, consider a new toilet, new fixtures, and a modern vanity as a compact alternative that still delivers a profit.
  2. Landscaping
    Double down on your landscaping, and you'll enjoy a double whammy: You'll boost your sale price and your curb appeal at the same time. That can help you attract motivated buyers even faster. Emphasize a clean, fresh-cut lawn, but add symmetry and focal points, too: Some matching shrubs and a new walkway add charm without too much work for buyers.

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Home Inspection Next Steps

When it comes to Augusta homes for sale, savvy buyers are investing in a home inspection on a more regular basis. Our real estate agents recommend getting a home inspection when there is no inspection on file, or the most recent inspection is more than a year old.

Many lenders require a home inspection before providing funds, especially when they are extending a loan to first-time buyers. Even if this is not a requirement, however, having an inspection done will protect your interests. 

Although you can negotiate for the seller to pay for an inspection, it benefits the buyer most of all. During this process, a qualified home inspector will look at every aspect of the structure. Every issue, big or small, will be documented.

Many would-be buyers terminate a sale if there are serious issues:

  • Roof leaks or attic problems
  • Mold or mildew in the home
  • Unreliable electrical wiring
  • Sewer or septic system issues
  • Termites or other vermin

If the home is not considered safe for human habitation as a result of the findings, then your lender might withhold funding. In general, though, the decision to proceed is up to you.

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Fall Activities Augusta

The Harvest Season is a picturesque time in Maine. As leaves change colors and the breeze gets crisper, families from far and wide visit the Augusta area to enjoy autumn's outdoor activities. As you look for a place you can call home in central Maine, we recommend scheduling your visit during one of these events happening this fall in Augusta and Monmouth.

  • Chick's Apple & Berry Farm — 571 Main St., Monmouth, ME 04259
    Apple picking in Kennebec County is the perfect way to celebrate fall. After picking out a few Monmouth homes for sale, head over to Chick's Apple & Berry Farm to wander their rows of apple and berry trees. Pre-picked apples and pumpkins are available at their stand throughout fall and visitors are encouraged to explore the farm along the lake and take wonderful family pictures.

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