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Selling a Vacant Home

Our REALTORS® are skilled at coordinating closings for a smooth transition from one home to another, but sometimes the time frame is out of your control. Maybe you've accepted a job offer or promotion requiring relocation by a specific date, or you need to care for an elderly relative.

Don't despair. With a little extra planning, you can sell a home you've already vacated by incorporating these helpful tips.

  1. Alert the Neighbors
    Vacant homes are beacons for troublemakers. Thieves can slip in, and strip copper plumbing and other materials. Or kids may be tempted to vandalize the place. Let the neighbors know you won't be there so they can keep their eyes open for suspicious activity.

  2. Stage the Home
    No matter how well a home is maintained, a lack of furnishings can give it an air of abandonment. The effect is similar to the last item on a store shelf that no one wants. If you can't use any of your furniture, consider renting packages that include the basics for a particular room. Other options include consignment or closeout furniture. It's well worth the investment to hire a professional stager who has experience maximizing attributes and minimizing flaws.

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Somerset SnowFest

Maine is beautiful year-round, but there's something about how the snow sits over the mountains that is truly magical! Locals of Somerset agree, and every year locals get together to celebrate SnowFest, an event you'll want to add to your calendar.  

If you are in the area looking at Skowhegan homes for sale or want to head north after visiting Augusta homes for sale you won't want to miss SnowFest this February 28 through March 1!

Unforgettable Winter Fun

With a long and distinguished history, Somerset SnowFest takes place over the last weekend in February each year. It's an iconic family-friendly get-together where locals of Skowhegan, Canaan, and Madison enjoy cold-weather fun for the last time in the season.

This unique winter wonderland stands out with its wide variety of shows, contests, and games that anyone can participate in. The 2019 SnowFest included an ice-fishing derby, tubing, and one of the most popular attractions ever: Authentic dog sled rides!

Somerset SnowFest in 2020

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Starter Home

A starter home is your entry into homeownership. Often starter homes are pictured as smaller properties that are more manageable for a young family to own and maintain, and something, you'll eventually grow out of and sell. The truth is that a starter home is what you make it. The exact home is the one that suits you, but there are some tips to make first time ownership easier. 

Our REALTORS® know first-time buyer concerns and have some tips to get you started.

  1. Estimate Maintenance Costs
    One of the benefits of renting is that you have a maintenance person who fixes things when they break and a landlord who replaces appliances that don't work. When you own a home, that support comes at a cost. The cost is definitely worth it because you are investing in your own property and equity. When you're in charge, you can choose and customize as much as you like, including that smart refrigerator with built-in grocery inventory. But if you aren't super handy or on a limited budget, you may want to start with a smaller and more simple property to avoid larger maintenance concerns. The smaller size will help keep things manageable so you can focus on enjoying the home at your budget now.
  2. Don't Skip Inspections
    Always get a quality inspection even on new builds. Newer isn't always better, so make sure you are looking for quality construction and materials. Many older starter homes have enormous potential. It's important to identify potential problems and understand the needed repairs before getting started. 

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Maine Pond Hockey Classic

The Maine Pond Hockey Classic is nearly upon us once again, so it's time to grab your gear, put your squad together, and test your skills against teams from across Maine. As always, there will be plenty to do throughout the three-day event, from lounging at the beer garden to trying your luck with the slapshot challenge. Our REALTORS® are ready for some winter fun, and we've got all the info you need to enjoy the Maine Pond Hockey Classic this year.

Dates: February 7 – 9, 2020

Location: Snow Pond Center for the Arts – 11 Goldenrod, Sidney, ME 04430

  • Central Maine's Biggest and Best Pond Hockey Tournament
    Established in 2013 with a tournament on China Lake, the Maine Pond Hockey Classic has since moved to a location even closer to Sidney homes for sale. The tournament now takes place at the Snow Pond Center for the Arts, and it has quickly grown into one of the most anticipated local events of the winter every year. Teams of all ages and experience levels hit the ice to test their talents, win some games, and have a great time in the process. Join a competitive division to test your skills against the best from across Maine or enter a "just for fun" bracket if you're looking to enjoy the ride.

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