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Downtown Augusta

The downtown area is full of many local businesses and attractions that delight residents and tourists alike.

Our real estate agents find a delightful mix of traditional and modern attractions at these great destinations in downtown Augusta.

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Maine State House

Since separating from Massachusetts and becoming the 23rd state, Maine has created a rich history of its own. Learn about the fascinating past, present, and future of our state with a visit to the Maine State House, just minutes away from Augusta homes for sale.  

History of the Maine State House

After a fierce rivalry among communities to be named the capital city, Portland emerged as the victor. But the honor proved to be temporary, as the state legislature voted in 1827 to make Augusta the permanent capital.

In order to meet the high standards befitting this honor, Maine hired famed Boston architect Charles Bulfinch to design the State House. Bulfinch's portfolio already included the Massachusetts State House as well as sections of the U.S. Capital and many prominent New England buildings.

The first meeting of the Maine Legislature in the new State House was held in 1832. Over the years, remodeling and expansion has included the addition of a west wing and the replacement of the original low dome with the high copper dome seen today.

The Maine State House complex includes the Maine State Museum and Blaine House, with Capitol Park bridging the area between the complex and the Kennebec River. While the Museum is currently closed for renovations, the State House and Blaine House are open to the public.

Visiting the Maine State House 

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Move to Maine 2023

Is finding the perfect place to call home the most important task on your list of New Year's resolutions? Then there are many reasons that Maine should be at the top of your list. Our real estate agents have all of the details on why you'll love moving to Maine in 2023.

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Kennebec Historical Society

It's hard to imagine a place with a deeper and more unique history than Maine's Kennebec Valley. Our real estate agents never tire of delving into the past of Augusta and the surrounding areas. 

For history buffs, the Kennebec Historical Society is an incredible asset. Offering a wealth of educational resources and programs, the Kennebec Historical Society should be your first stop if you want to learn more about Maine history. 

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Historic District

Maine has no shortage of charming small towns with picturesque main streets. But the small city of Gardiner really stands out, with its revitalized downtown district a stone's throw from the banks of the Kennebec River. 

If you happen to be in the Kennebec Valley looking at Augusta homes for sale, then a detour to Gardiner is well worth your time. These are just a few of the hidden gems you'll find in Gardiner's historic district: 

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Downtown Augusta Maine

No matter what you love to do, downtown Augusta has an attraction for you. Downtown Augusta is home to a truly eclectic collection of dining destinations, shopping spots, historic sites, performance venues, and beautiful outdoor spaces to explore. Residents of all ages love spending time in downtown Augusta, and our REALTORS® are certainly no exception! We know you'll feel the same way, and we've put together 6 things that you'll love about downtown Augusta.

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Maine State House Facts

As Maine celebrates its bicentennial in 2020, why not learn more about some of the historic landmarks in our area? Our REALTORS® help you get in the spirit by sharing 10 fun facts about one of Maine's most enduring symbols, the Maine State House.

  1. Augusta Beats the Competition 
    Maine officially became a state on March 15, 1820. At the time, Portland was named temporary capital by being the state's largest city, but many felt Maine would be better served with a more centrally located capital. Brunswick, Hallowell, Waterville, Belfast, and Wiscasset all threw their hats in the ring, but Augusta emerged victoriously.

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Liberty Bell Replica-Sprague & Curtis

Did you know that Maine has its very own version of the famed Liberty Bell? The city of Augusta is filled with history, and of course, serves as Maine's capital city. The Liberty Bell replica is located on the lawn of Maine's capitol building, which has a long, interesting history of its own.

When Maine became a state, the original Maine State House was located in Portland but was destroyed in a fire. The present State House, located in Augusta, was built in 1832, and after several renovations continues to serve as the State Capitol Building today. The Liberty Bell replica arrived two decades after the building was complete, and our real estate agents have all of the details on the history of this unique Augusta attraction.

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Augusta Old Fort Western

Old Fort Western National Historic Landmark  

Finding fun and enriching activities around Augusta isn't difficult, and one of the most appealing aspects of the area is its deep historical ties. Old Fort Western is a prime example of that history, and visiting this historical site is a fantastic way to spend the day learning about Augusta's past. While our real estate agents are hard at work for you, treat yourself and find your way to Old Fort Western, one of the most fascinating places in the region.

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Augusta, ME The Blaine House
Augusta, Maine is full of hometown charm and brimming with outdoor activities and cultural experiences. Allow our real estate agents to show you a range of beautiful Augusta homes for sale , and be sure to make time to relax and explore the area. Be a part of living history when you visit The Blaine House and discover the home's intriguing story and how it came to be one of the most important residences in the state.

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