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Located a short drive south of Augusta homes for sale, Hallowell is Maine's smallest city and also one of its most historic. The city was founded more than 240 years ago, and its scenic downtown is recognized as a National Historic District. Though small in size at 6.1 square miles, Hallowell is home to a diverse collection of art galleries, dining destinations, antique shops, and boutiques. There are plenty of local shops to visit throughout the area. Our real estate agents have the local knowledge of some of the hidden gems that you can uncover for yourself in Hallowell.

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No matter if you choose Hallowell homes for sale or Augusta homes for sale, you can count on many exciting amenities in your new neighborhood. Our real estate agents know that choosing a new home isn't just about the property itself but also about the community you decide to become a part of.

The Kennebec Valley area is well known for its natural beauty as well as its strong local economy. One of the most enticing parts of living in the region is getting to see the development of small businesses that give our towns and cities a unique flair – and craft breweries are at the forefront of it all.

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Hallowell Harlow Gallery-Sprague & Curtis Real Estate

Are you considering a move to the Hallowell area? Perhaps you're already working with our real estate agents to find your next new home among Hallowell homes for sale, or maybe you're still making up your mind about whether or not our area is right for you. Whichever the case may be, you'll certainly want to get to know more about the area, and if you're an art lover, there's no better place to start than the Harlow Gallery.

About Harlow Gallery

The Harlow Gallery, located at 100 Water St. in Hallowell, has a long history in the area. It was founded by the Kennebec Valley Art Association over 50 years ago, opening its doors in 1963. Its mission was to ensure that Hallowell became a center of culture in the area, cultivating and supporting visual and performing arts. Over the years, the Harlow Gallery has offered art lessons for children, art workshops for adults, scholarships for young students and has hosted a variety of events, including arts balls, exhibitions, walks, and festivals, among many others—a tradition of service to the creative that continues to this day.

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Hallowell Antique Shops - Sprague & Curtis Real Estate

If you're looking for vintage or retro décor for your next home, Hallowell, Maine, has been a wonderful antiquing destination for decades. Their many unique antique stores have a wide variety of items big and small dating back from the 1800s and beyond. Our real estate agents at Sprague & Curtis Real Estate love getting lost in the relics of yesterday and have picked out a few of our favorite Hallowell antique shops for you to check out!

  1. Hallowell Antique Mall - 191 Water St., Hallowell
    How could a stop at the antique capital of Maine not be on your antiquing list? The Hallowell Antique Mall has two buildings featuring 30 separate dealers that have thousands of treasures waiting to be found. In addition to a large selection of furniture, The Hallowell Antique Mall has a stunning collection of vintage clothing, military items, coins, tools, gifts and more. Swing on down to the largest antique store in town and discover what wonders await you near amazing Hallowell homes for sale.

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Maine Ice Vault - Sprague & Curtis

If you're ready to dust off your ice skates this winter, you're not alone. Ice skating is practically the official state pastime here in Maine, and if you've never ice skated before, Maine is the perfect place to learn.

Our real estate agents look forward to ice skating season, and it's finally here! Of course, there's one place in town where you don't have to worry about the weather at all – the Camden National Bank Ice Vault.

Hallowell's Home for Winter Sports

Home to the Maine Moose ice hockey team and the Skating Association of Maine, the Maine Ice Vault is one of the premier ice rinks in the state. It opened its doors in 2012, replacing the former Kennebec Ice Arena, which collapsed under the weight of snow in 2011. 

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