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Butterfly Garden

Did you know that there are thousands of different species of butterflies? Species commonly seen in Maine include the Red Admiral, Monarch, Mourning Cloak, and White Admiral.

If you'd like to see more of these lovely creatures, consider creating a butterfly garden in your own backyard. Our real estate agents have seen a few of these gardens, and they can be truly magnificent. Here are the basic steps to follow to create your own on your property.

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Augusta Planting TipsSoon summer will be over and it'll be time to think about getting your Augusta property ready for the fall months. Among the tasks you'll be facing is bringing your container plants indoors. There are some easy things you can do to make the transition successful. Not only will this help ensure the well-being of your plants, but you'll be able to show off your thriving plants when you list your home among Augusta homes for sale.

Fall's Coming: Time to Move Your Plants Inside

Maybe you've always just lugged your container plants inside and stuck them in the sunniest location you have with drip saucers and hoped for the best throughout the long winter months. The fact is, you can do a lot more to ensure the plants survive -- and maybe even thrive -- in less than optimum conditions indoors. Here are the steps to take.

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Maine Flowers

Spring planting in Augusta is tricky. Luckily, decades of experienced gardeners and farmers have determined the best guess for frost dates based on historical weather data. These dates offer a good guide for when to start seeds for particular crops, indoors or outdoors, or when to plant seedlings or transplants. One of the best methods for determining what vegetables to plant and when to plant them is The Old Farmer's Almanac.

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Gardening in JulySpring may be the season most associated with gardening, but July is not too late to get started in the garden. You can plant seeds for fall harvests or install plants that love the long, warm days of summer. The U.S. Department of Agriculture defines the Augusta area as Hardiness Zone 5A, meaning any plans you have for tropical plants should involve at least some time indoors. But for gardeners who enjoy growing vegetables, this is your garden's chance to show what it's capable of. If you're new to growing food crops, consider what you'll need for late-season success.

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Summer Bugs

Summertime has arrived which means warm air and loads of sunshine. Unfortunately, the nice weather also brings out a host of bugs. As these creepy, crawly insects roam about, they'll likely find their way into your yard and home. While artificial cleaning solutions can do the trick, many homeowners prefer not to use harsh chemicals around their property, especially if there are pets and young children in the home. Our real estate agents understand the need to eliminate summer bugs through the safest means possible. Here are a few natural remedies that may rid your home of bugs throughout the summer.

10 Common Insects Found in the Home

Although you may not see them, hundreds of small insects may be in and around your property. Some of the most common insects homeowners spot are:

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Spring Landscaping Tips
Spring arrives March 19 bringing with it more sunshine and warmer temperatures. Now is the perfect time to make your plans about how to turn your yard into a beautiful outdoor paradise!  

Make your landscaping stand out before you list your home! Our real estate agents compiled these landscaping tips and trends to help spruce up your Augusta homes for sale

  1. Plants and Gardening
    Trees, plants, and shrubs are essential in landscaping. However, the trend is leaning towards minimizing time spent gardening and maximizing living. One of the best spring landscaping ideas for your yard is planting a tree. Consider trees with low maintenance needs and don't take a lot of space and effort. The trick is to choose a tree that adds color, shape, and texture to your outdoor space.

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