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Augusta Maple Syrup

Did you know that maple syrup has its own holiday? National Maple Syrup Day is observed every year on December 17, and our corner of Maine is the perfect place to celebrate this sweet holiday. Local, family-owned businesses have been producing fresh maple syrup for generations, using old-fashioned harvesting practices producing some of the best maple syrup in the world. Whether you're a maple syrup aficionado or you want to enjoy something sweet, this is the holiday for you. Our REALTORS® have all the delicious details on four great spots to celebrate National Maple Syrup Day near Augusta this year.

  1. Bacon Farm Maple Products – 415 Goodhue Rd., Sidney, ME 04330
    Conveniently located close to Sidney homes for sale, you'll find Bacon Farm Maple Products, the perfect place to celebrate National Maple Syrup Day. This farm is one of the oldest continually operating maple syrup shops in the area and has been delighting visitors ever since it was first founded in 1881. Today, the Bacon family sticks to the classic methods that have served them well for generations, starting with the sap harvest in the early spring. The sap is boiled down on-site to create fresh, delicious maple syrup. If you're interested in creating your own maple syrup, Bacon Farm also sells sugaring products and supplies.

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Maine Maple Sunday-Sprague & Curtis Real Estate

Pure Maine maple syrup is such a popular commodity that Native Americans used it as money. While maple syrup is no longer made by dropping red-hot stones into thick wooden containers of sap, it retains the same unique quality and flavor people have enjoyed for hundreds of years.

On the fourth Sunday of March each year, our state's sugar houses celebrate Maine Maple Sunday. Our real estate agents prepare you for this year's event on March 24 by sharing the story of making maple syrup along with our favorite sugar houses to visit.

How Maple Syrup Is Made

The maple syrup cycle begins when the first crow of the year flies, usually in late January. This marks the beginning of the "sweetwater" sap flow, which generally runs until mid-April. Even in these high-tech times, many sugar houses still follow the tradition of collecting sap in buckets hung from trees.

How valuable is sap? A large tree can produce a generous amount of 60 gallons in one year, but the end result is only about one-and-a-half gallons of maple syrup.

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