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Gardiner Food Co-Op - Sprague & Curtis Real Estate

When potential home buyers start exploring Gardiner homes for sale, one of the first things they notice is the area's small-town feel and strong sense of community. Residents here love to support small business by shopping local. That's one of the reasons the Gardiner Food Co-Op is so popular. 

Not sure what a food co-op is or how it works? No worries! Our real estate agents have the inside scoop on everything you need to know! 

What is a Food Co-Op? 

On the surface, a food co-op works in much the same way as a traditional grocery store or food market. The storefront is open to the public, and you don't have to be a member to shop there. 

The biggest difference is the fact that local residents can become cooperative owners by making an equity investment, or purchasing shares. This gives them a vote in important matters regarding the operations of the business.

Unlike a traditional stock investment, the value of the shares does not fluctuate. When excess funds are accumulated, they are typically invested back into the co-op, held as reserves, or used to support other activities approved by the shareholders. Although it's not the primary objective, occasionally excess funds are returned to members based on their use of the services.  

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Move or Improve - Sprague & Curtis Real Estate

To move or to improve—that is the question. Don't worry—plenty of homeowners are faced with the same dilemma when considering purchasing new Augusta homes for sale.

Our real estate agents believe that if buying your first home is the biggest real estate decision of your life, then deciding whether to remodel or sell your home is the second-biggest real estate decision you'll make. If you're like many homeowners, you've been struggling to make a choice. On the one hand, a new home is an exciting thought. A new space in a new area—now may be the perfect time to move. On the other hand, although you're no longer in love with your home, you still have a coveted attachment to it. Why not give it a second life by remodeling a few rooms, upgrading some appliances or even adding an extension on for more space?

If you're wondering whether it's time to move or improve, consider these questions:

  • Why do you want to move?
    This question is the most important: Why are you considering changing homes? Perhaps you've become disinterested in your neighborhood, maybe you don't want to contend with the seasonal weather changes. You could simply be unhappy with work or school and believe that moving with help resolve these feelings. Whatever the reason might be, it's important that you identify it and discuss it openly with your household.

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Fishing Guide Services - Sprague & Curtis Real Estate

One of the many things our real estate agents love about the Kennebec Valley is that it's one of the best places in America to experience the great outdoors. And despite offering some of the best fishing in the country, this region still flies under most people's radar—and we think that should change!

When it comes to fishing in the Kennebec Valley and Augusta, Maine area, the options are endless. The Kennebeck River offers unmatched fly fishing opportunities, especially in spring and fall when trout spawn in the main river and its many tributaries. Lakes and ponds up and down the river provide excellent bass fishing in summer as well. Even in winter, ice fishing gives hardy anglers a chance to tangle with big fish through the ice. 

So if you're in the neighborhood looking at Augusta homes for sale, you may want to set aside some time to do some fishing. You can't go wrong in any of the Kennebec Valley's rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds, but if you're new to the area, you may want a bit of expert guidance. These great local guide services can guarantee a great fishing trip in the Augusta area:

  1. Blue Heron Fly Fishing - 80 E. River Road, Whitefield, ME
    Your go-to guide for fly fishing adventures on the Kennebec Valley, Blue Heron Fly Fishing offers both wade and drift boat trips in Central Maine, including the Kennebec River and several other nearby rivers and streams. Located near these Whitefield homes for sale, Blue Heron Fly Fishing offers not only a chance to fish for big wild brook and rainbow trout in a beautiful environment but also an opportunity to learn more about the region's rich history, plants, and wildlife. Blue Heron Fly Fishing provides everything from fishing gear to lunch prepared on shore, along with fly fishing lessons and fly tying lessons. 

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Final Walk-Through - Sprague & Curtis

Exciting thoughts of settling into your new home can distract you from the details you need to focus on during the final walk-through. While most major problems will be discovered during a home inspection, a final walk-through gives you a chance to go through the property once it's cleared out to verify that everything is in the condition you expect. 

To help you during the final walk-through of your home, Our real estate agents have prepared this easy to follow checklist for you to print off and follow as you go through the property.

Before the Walk-Through:

  • Print a copy of your contract and inspection summary.
  • Grab a notepad, your phone, phone charger, flashlight, & light bulb.
  • Confirm time with your real estate agent. 

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