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Kennebec River

Running from Moosehead Lake to the Atlantic Ocean, the Kennebec River is one of Maine's most prominent bodies of water. It passes right through Augusta, and there are plenty of areas where you can enjoy a stunning view of this waterway. Our real estate agents recommend dining at one of these restaurants on the banks of the Kennebec.

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Kennebec County

Our real estate agents know that the area around the Kennebec River has a lot to offer.

Waterville, Maine, is located right on the Kennebec River and is one of the northernmost parts of Kennebec County and is situated near Oakland homes for sale. It used to be a mill town, but today it's transformed into a vibrant area filled with art, colleges, culture, dining, and entertainment. You'll have no trouble filling the day with fun activities. A walking tour of Waterville gives you the opportunity to get some exercise while also supporting local businesses. Here is a quick list of things you'll definitely want to include in your itinerary:

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Housewarming Tips

Moving is more than just a logistical challenge: it can also set the stage for an unforgettable social event. Many of the people who have recently purchased a property from our Augusta homes for sale have gone on to host housewarming parties for their friends, family, and new neighbors.

These occasions are great for breaking the ice and helping you get settled into your new community. If you're interested in hosting one yourself, our list of tips will help you prepare. 

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Farmhouse Decor

For most homeowners, the term "farmhouse decor" conjures up images of an interior with rustic features that reflect a casual, rural lifestyle on a farm. However, in today's homes, our real estate agents are seeing a much more modern version of the farmhouse style that combines rustic appeal with sleek, modern design elements.

In many Augusta homes for sale, the appeal of cozy farmhouse living is combined with contemporary architectural features that bring old and new together. Take a look at some great farmhouse touches that can quickly give your home an updated, eclectic style.

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