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Painting Projects

When you want a fast, affordable way to upgrade your home, our real estate agents know that painting is an excellent option to give your home a quick makeover. Fortunately, your walls aren't the only thing you can paint in your home to help it look its best. Here are a few other simple ways to use paint to enhance your home. 

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Laundry Room Upgrade

The laundry room is an often-overlooked space inside your home. You deserve to have a laundry room that is functional, organized, and enjoyable to spend time in. If the laundry room in your home is more like a messy closet than a clean oasis, then consider these laundry room makeover tips from our real estate agents.

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fall home tips

With the fall season here, it's a terrific time to give your home a seasonal makeover. Our real estate agents suggest following these tips to update your home for the autumn months. 

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Flooring Tips

One of the top ways to quickly transform your home and increase its sales value is to upgrade the flooring. Nothing detracts from a home as quickly as old carpet or dated flooring. Here are a few recommendations from our real estate agents for updating your flooring.

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Farmhouse Decor

For most homeowners, the term "farmhouse decor" conjures up images of an interior with rustic features that reflect a casual, rural lifestyle on a farm. However, in today's homes, our real estate agents are seeing a much more modern version of the farmhouse style that combines rustic appeal with sleek, modern design elements.

In many Augusta homes for sale, the appeal of cozy farmhouse living is combined with contemporary architectural features that bring old and new together. Take a look at some great farmhouse touches that can quickly give your home an updated, eclectic style.

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Tree Planting

A single shade tree in your yard provides extra comfort during the summer heat while also reducing your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

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Downsizing Tips

When it comes to living spaces, our needs change throughout different stages of life. Large homes can become a lot to manage, especially when entering retirement. However, the decision to downsize can be a difficult one. Many people struggle with the idea of giving-up space or parting with a family home. 

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Interior Design Trends

Color scheme trends are always changing. If you plan on buying a new home or redecorating this year, then it is important to keep current color trends in mind. The good news is that color trends for 2022 are about as exciting as they come. This year, it will be all about bright, energetic shades. As you look at Augusta homes for sale, here are some more specific color trends to keep in mind.

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Cleaning Schedule

If it feels like your chore list is neverending or that there are some cleaning tasks that you never get to, it's time to rethink how you clean your home. 

Our real estate agents suggest creating a cleaning schedule for your home. A cleaning schedule basically states when you'll complete certain tasks (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). 

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Open House Prep

If you're planning to sell your home, hosting an open house may attract interested buyers, but it may also be a stressful event for you. Our real estate agents can help with tips on getting organized and prepared for the big day, so you can reap maximum rewards for your efforts.

Buyers looking for Augusta homes for sale will come to your open house with high expectations. These days, homebuyers expect to see homes with clean, organized spaces, stylish furnishings, interior upgrades, and inviting outdoor areas. Here's how to set yourself up for success.

Clean and Declutter

Once you decide to hold an open house, the first step is cleaning and decluttering. The entire house will need to be deep cleaned from top to bottom:

  • Sweep, vacuum, mop, and polish floors and carpets
  • Wash dishes and put them away in cabinets
  • Clean up spills on floors and countertops
  • Dust furniture, blinds, and curtains
  • Remove stains on carpets and upholstery
  • Wash mirrors and windows

After you finish cleaning, it's time to declutter. Although household items may be essentials for you, potential homebuyers may see them as clutter. Gather some boxes and fill them with unused clothes, extra household items, and cleaning supplies, then store the boxes in the garage or a rental storage unit until the open house is over.

Remove Personal Items and Heirlooms

Displaying personal items such as family photos, personal knickknacks, and monogrammed items can distract buyers. It's common for homebuyers to look at personal items in a home to identify who lives there, but some people form strong opinions or judgments that may impact the sale. Before your open house, remove personalized items that can be distracting, as well as valuable family heirlooms that can be stolen.

Freshen Up Paint

If you've lived in your home for a while, your home's interior and exterior may need new paint. Check interior walls, doors, and cabinets for fingerprints, scuff marks, dents, and holes. Invest in a can or two of spackling paste and touch-up paint and fix the damages. To add curb appeal, clean out your gutters, paint exterior trim, give your front door an eye-popping new color, buy a new welcome mat, and replace old, faded house numbers.

Evaluate Your Furnishings

Although it's impossible to anticipate a buyer's style, you can evaluate your own to make sure it's not outdated or too over-the-top. Over-sized furniture, outdated window treatments, ornate accessories, and worn upholstery will not appeal to most homebuyers. Items that look like they don't belong in the house will disconnect buyers because they can't see themselves living in the home.

Don't Forget the Yard

In today's market, buyers pay close attention to outdoor spaces. They're looking for well-maintained yards with inviting areas to spend time outdoors. Before your open house, plan to mow the grass, trim the hedges, get rid of weeds and debris, and plant seasonal flowers for lovely pops of color.

Optimize Your Date

Avoid planning an open house during holidays and major sports events when people are preoccupied. Your real estate agent will likely take charge of marketing your open house with flyers, neighbor signs, and local multiple listing services that attract buyers.

If you're thinking about selling your home in the Augusta area, contact us for more information on planning a successful open house that will attract homebuyers.


Maine home improvement

If you're ready to sell your home, it's important to ensure that your house is in the best possible condition. Our real estate agents know that a property that appears well-maintained typically commands a higher asking price.

When you have a whole list of home improvement projects, it's hard to know where to start. Here are some guidelines to help you prioritize your home improvement projects.

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Add Natural Light

Natural light in your home is beneficial to your health, mood, and energy level. While dark, gloomy spaces can make you feel depressed and lethargic, spaces filled with sunshine will quickly brighten your day. Augusta buyers who work with our real estate agents want homes with lots of natural light and impressive outdoor views.

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Accent Wall Tips

If you've been looking at Augusta homes for sale and planning on decorating them your way, you might be seeing the walls as that perfect canvas for the accent wall you've always wanted. But if you're getting ready to sell, our real estate agents will caution you to make sure you're staging your home correctly.

An accent wall makes a beautiful addition to any home. Here are a few tips to help guide you, whether you are buying or selling.

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DIY Project Tools

As a homeowner, you'll find yourself working on numerous DIY projects over the years. These can range from taking care of simple repairs to making important improvements to your home and yard, and you'll need to have some basic tools to help you tackle these projects. 

Our real estate agents suggest investing in the following tools before you start on a DIY project:

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Buying a Home

There's a lot to do when buying a home, and once the closing documents are signed and the keys are in your hand, you might think that the hard work is over. However, once you actually own your new home, there are still a few things you need to do to ensure the safety of your new space and to help your family get comfortable in your new digs. Here are a few things to do after you buy your home. 

  1. Change the Locks and Security Codes
    Even if the previous homeowners seem like kind people, you don't know how many people potentially have access to your new home. One of the first things you need to do is change or rekey the locks. If you want to update the look of your home's locks, you can swap the old locks for new ones. However, if you like the look of the old looks or if you're on a budget, you can have the locks rekeyed. When you have a lock rekeyed, the locksmith will adjust the pins and springs so that it fits a different key. Make sure to also change any security codes that potentially provide access to your home, like garage, security system, or gate codes. 
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New Augusta Home 2020

Deciding to buy a home can be daunting, but educating yourself about what's involved can help you understand what to expect. Our REALTORS® guide clients through the process every day and share some tips to make your home buying journey a breeze.  

Decide What You Want and Need

Think about what you'd like in a house today and in the future. Are you planning to have a family and want a big yard for kids and pets? Is a garage a requirement for you? Write down everything you want and need and start checking out your local real estate market online. It's important to look at the area as a whole—it's always a good idea to buy in a neighborhood where property values will most likely appreciate.

Get Your Finances In Order

First, you'll need to save for a down payment. Generally, a down payment should be about 20 percent, but can be as low as 10, 5 or even 0 percent for certain types of mortgages like FHA and VA loans. When you feel confident that you've saved enough, check your credit. Annual Credit offers a free yearly credit report from the three major reporting agencies, Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. Making sure your credit is in order can help to ensure you get a decent interest rate. 

Also, get pre-approved by a lender before you start looking at Augusta homes for sale. To do a pre-approval, lenders will review your credit report, income, and other finances. They will then issue a letter stating the amount for which you've been pre-approved. Keep in mind that pre-approval is not the same thing as being approved for a mortgage loan. When you're ready to do that, make sure you choose at least three with competitive rates.

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Home Offer Anxiety-Sprague & Curtis Real Estate

Buying a home is an exciting time for anyone, but the excitement and emotions for a first-time home buyer can be at an all-time high. From finding the perfect home to making your first offer, your emotions may get the better of you. It's important to channel those emotions into positive thoughts and use that energy to carry you through the buying process.  

Fortunately, our real estate agents know a thing or two about buying anxiety, so we've put together this handy guide for how to avoid home offer anxiety.

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