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Maine Driveway Tips

As you discuss with our real estate agents the best home improvements to undertake before adding your house to Augusta homes for sale, one likely topic will be curb appeal. After all, the house's exterior is the first thing everyone sees when driving by or even looking at a photograph online. The driveway is a significant part of this image. At the least, you'll want it to be clean and in good repair. Starting with that baseline, let's consider some additional options.

Current Condition

If the driveway isn't in need of repairs, you might want to consider some enhancements, such as a scalloped brick pave stone edging. If repairs are necessary, you will need to consider the options. The cracks in asphalt can be filled, leaving the drive looking as good as new. Unfortunately, the same can't be said of damaged concrete, which must be replaced. 

Replacement Options

  • Gravel - by far the least expensive and easiest install, this option also has some drawbacks. Snow and ice are difficult to clear. You will need to periodically replenish the gravel as it tends to scatter. If you are in a hurry to get the job done, installation only takes about a day.
  • Asphalt - more expensive than gravel but still more affordable than concrete, asphalt provides a smooth surface that holds up well to seasonal temperature changes. Should cracks appear, they can easily be repaired. It's environmentally friendly; 100% recyclable. It can be installed in as few as two days and cured in another 24 hours. 
  • Concrete - more expensive than the prior options, concrete offers a long useful life of 15 to 30 years, improving its cost-effectiveness. The initial cost is three to four times that of gravel but may actually save money over an extended time. Installation time is comparable to asphalt, but curing time is about a week. Concrete also provides another possibility with some of the gorgeous new stains available.
  • Stone - while the most expensive option, pavers, and cobblestones can offer an effective lifespan of over a hundred years. This is also the most labor-intensive option, including the preparation and installation of a strong foundation. Since each piece is independent of the others, broken sections can easily be replaced. Pavers average about ten times the cost of gravel and cobblestone from 12 to 30 times.


The most common addition you will find augmenting a driveway or walkway is lighting. Artfully placed lights can spotlight attractive features of the exterior of the house while providing safety. Homeowners have plenty of options, from fixtures mounted to columns to path lights low to the ground. Thanks to LED lights and solar power, this option is as cost-effective as it is beautiful.


Another small investment that can bring your driveway to new heights is the addition of plant life along the edges. You can add a touch of color to the edge of the driveway or path with flowers or, if you prefer, add bushes or hedges. 

Whether you are getting your home ready to sell, buying a new home, or both, our team is here to help. Contact us when you are ready to move forward. 

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