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Add Natural Light

Natural light in your home is beneficial to your health, mood, and energy level. While dark, gloomy spaces can make you feel depressed and lethargic, spaces filled with sunshine will quickly brighten your day. Augusta buyers who work with our real estate agents want homes with lots of natural light and impressive outdoor views.

Although many Augusta homes for sale come with large sunny windows and great views of nature, some have smaller windows with limited natural light. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to get around that problem and add abundant natural light to your home. Take a look at some great ideas.

Keep the Color Palette Light

Keeping a light color palette in your home will reflect natural light and make spaces feel brighter and larger. Choose colors for ceilings, walls, floors, and furniture that open up space instead of making it feel dark, gloomy, and small.

  • Paint – Paint comes in hundreds of shades and hues. To brighten up the room, select a shade with soft undertones. Avoid using brilliant white or high-gloss finishes that create glare. To give the illusion of more height, choose a paint color that's a few shades lighter than the walls.
  • Floors – By choosing wood, stone, or tile flooring in a lighter color and a slightly polished finish, your room will reflect more light through the windows. If you prefer carpeting or area rugs, stick to lighter colors and neutral patterns that keep the space more open.
  • Furniture – When buying furniture and fabrics, keep larger pieces like sofas, tables, beds, and draperies light and airy. You can introduce color and pattern in smaller items like chairs, pillows, throws, artwork, and accessories that won't darken the space.

Use Mirrors and Reflective Finishes

Mirrors make spaces feel larger because they reflect opposite walls and furnishings. Placing a floor mirror or decorative wall mirror opposite a window will reflect natural light into the room. To enhance the feeling of more space and light, consider adding reflective finishes that will bounce light around the room:

  • Glass tabletops

  • Reflective backsplash tiles

  • Chrome or nickel cabinet pulls

  • Metallic light fixtures

  • Chrome or glass lamps

  • Silver or mirrored picture frames

Add Glass Blocks to Walls and Windows

If you're into retro design, you can enhance your style and natural light by adding glass blocks to existing walls or windows. Glass blocks are making a comeback in contemporary and post-modern-style homes. Available in unique textures, colors, sizes, they provide an aesthetic way to get more light inside without compromising home security, privacy, or energy efficiency.

Install Skylights or Solar Tubes

If you don't have the budget for new windows, consider adding skylights or solar tubes for extra light. Skylights come in various shapes and sizes and work well in spaces like kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways. Skylights are a great solution for extra light in single-story homes, and some styles even open for extra fresh air. If you have a two-story home, consider solar tubes available in 10-inch to 14-inch diameters with reflective tubes as long as 30 feet.

Lighten Your Roof Eves

Your roof eves created by your roof's overhang are angled toward the house, so painting them white can reflect more natural light inside. Even if your home's exterior is painted a different color, white eves won't be visible from the street, only from inside the house.

Contact us for area prices and available properties. We have a variety of homes that may be the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

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